Colorado Mesa University is supplying genomic material from students’ and community members’ positive COVID tests to the Sabeti Lab, part of the Broad Institute affiliated with Harvard and MIT. The CMU samples will support further research into the COVID virus and its may variants.

“’There’s a lot of variants people are paying attention to. It would be good to know what lineage of the virus is circulating in Colorado and at CMU and so, what we’re contending with,’ [said Dr. Pardis Sabeti, computational biologist and a professor at Harvard University’s Chan School of Public Health.

Looking at the genome of the virus will help experts determine the best path as many worry what variants might be capable of doing next.

‘Making the virus more infectious is definitely something I’m concerned about. I’m actually more concerned about making the virus more lethal, or making the virus lethal to children. You know viruses change, you don’t know where they will change,’ said Sabeti.”

CBS Denver, Feb. 2, 2021

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