2023 Annual Report

Release Date: March 2024

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The Grand Junction Economic Partnership calculates economic impact by assessing each new job created by industry and using IMPLAN modeling software to generate direct, indirect, and induced labor income impact. The direct effect is the economic impact on Mesa County from the direct spending of employee compensation. An indirect effect is a multiplier reflecting the relationship between the dollars spent by the employer, which then becomes the income of another person to be spent. Induced effects result from increased personal income caused by direct and indirect effects. Businesses experiencing increased revenue will subsequently increase payroll expenditures by hiring more employees, increasing salaries, etc.

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    The Grand Junction Economic Partnership is a 501(c)3 organization funded through the support of our public partners, investors, and community at large. Our mission is to enhance the economic vitality of Mesa County, creating a strong and diverse economy, and an improved quality of life. 

    The decisions to make today will shape our community’s destiny and legacy. We believe true growth and resilience come from working together. By pooling our strengths, connections, expertise, and resources, Mesa County becomes stronger, more influential, and better positioned to face economic challenges. Together we can build a strong economy by growing key industries, attracting new businesses, supporting the expansion of local businesses, and facilitating the creation of new primary jobs.

    When you invest in GJEP, you join a network of leaders shaping a diverse economy and a strong future. To learn more about how you can partner with GJEP, please contact Executive Director, Curtis Englehart, at curtis@gjep.org.

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      SG Aerospace and JFS LLC Named Colorado Companies to Watch Award Winners

      SG Aerospace and JFS LLC Named Colorado Companies to Watch Award Winners

      Two Grand Junction-based companies, SG Aerospace & Gas and JFS LLC, have been named Colorado Companies to Watch Award winners. Since 2009, Colorado Companies to Watch has honored the critical, yet often overlooked, second-stage companies from throughout the state for their undeniable impact on our communities through job creation, investment, and pioneering innovation within their respective industries.

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