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The communities that make up Colorado’s Grand Valley are as diverse as the breathtaking geology the valley was carved out of, but we all share the same values. We embrace active bodies and minds – participating in annual runs, races, festivals and keeping our communities great by volunteering and working together. When we’re not exploring the great outdoors, we’re in the backyard with our neighbors, enjoying a craft brew on a patio, or walking downtown and enjoying our fantastic shops and restaurants.


Bustling with commerce, industry, culture and recreation, the City of Grand Junction is the populous center of the Grand Valley. Victorian and Craftsman-style fixer-uppers surround the vibrant downtown, and renovated gems can be found at a fraction of the cost of bigger cities.

Local mainstays include award-winning restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, a performing arts center, the largest convention center between Salt Lake and Denver, and numerous public parks.

Welcome to fruita (wtf)

Without big costs or pretenses, Fruita is the small town with a big attitude and a big heart. Surrounded by green farmlands, this eclectic city that caters to mountain bikers and young professionals craving an active cultural scene. Luxurious subdivisions nestle between farmlands and nationally-renown bike trails.

palisade. More than peaches

In the shadows of Mt. Garfield, the picturesque town of Palisade prospers. Over a thousand acres of vineyards soak up the icy water of the Colorado River alongside groves of Palisade’s legendary peaches. Victorian homes provide downtown Palisade with a timeless patina, as bakeries, markets, and a nationally recognized distillery provide visitors with more than enough to do.

Activities in this serene part of the Valley center around Riverbend Park, where lots of family-friendly activities await, and the many festivals that celebrate the town’s produce, such as peaches and lavender.

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