Opportunity Zones

Discover Opportunity Zones in Grand Junction

Opportunity Zones were added to the federal tax code by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. An Opportunity Zone is a federally designated “economically distressed” community where certain new investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. The goal is to spur economic development and job creation by providing tax benefits to investors. There are seven Colorado Opportunity Zones in Colorado’s Grand Junction area, located mainly in Grand Junction and Powderhorn Mountain Resort on the Grand Mesa.

Why should I steer in this new direction?

Receive tax advantages immediately & over the long-term: When investors reinvest their realized capital gain (from selling an appreciated asset) into an Opportunity Zone, they can defer and reduce the realized capital gains on the principal invested. The longer they hold the investment, the greater the reduction.

Investors can pool their money into Opportunity Zone Funds established by local fund managers: Grand Junction’s Rosecap Investments has established one of Colorado’s first Opportunity Funds.

Opportunity Zones in Mesa County

Opportunity Zone:
Riverfront at Las Colonias Park

The Riverfront at Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction is an Opportunity Zone focused on wellness, community, and outdoor access. With a unique location surrounded by public parks and a paved path that leads to world class mountain bike trails, Riverfront is the place for business in the outdoor industry, retail stores, and restaurants.

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