Grand Junction’s SG Aerospace & Gas Celebrates NASA Recognition

Grand Junction, CO – January 9, 2024

Photo courtesy of Chad Schmidt

For most companies, the sky is the limit. But for SG Aerospace & Gas, it’s just the beginning. Headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, SG Aerospace & Gas pushes the boundaries of quality and innovation. The company has gained a reputation for its unwavering commitment to excellence, specializing in application-specific products that support aerospace, oil and gas, and industrial markets. 

They have continued to grow and expand their capabilities while operating in Grand Junction and recently received recognition from NASA for their contributions to the Artemis project.  

Pioneering Excellence in Aerospace & Aviation  

SG Aerospace components power the next generation in flight within our atmosphere and beyond. As a premier manufacturer for NASA’s Orion Space program, their components reside on crew modules and specific ground support. The Orion spacecraft is built to take humankind farther than they’ve ever gone before with the Artemis missions carrying the crew to space, providing emergency abort capabilities, sustaining the crew during travel, and providing safe re-entry from deep space return velocities.  

Lockheed Martin hired the Grand Junction company to produce brackets and other components for the Orion spacecraft and in 2022, the spacecraft was successfully launched for the first time. In December 2023, their contributions were celebrated among their Colorado aerospace peers as Lockheed Martin Orion Project Manager Michelle Butzke presented SG Aerospace with a plaque from NASA to recognize contributions to the Artemis I mission.  

We are very humbled. There are many different suppliers that have been part of this. We are just humbled to be a part of it and to be part of the space program with where it’s at now, said Mike Sneddon, President of SG Aerospace & Gas.  

The Artemis I mission marks the first of NASA’s missions this decade with plans to return mankind to the moon. SG Aerospace will be part of history again in November as the Orion spacecraft will return to space as part of the Artemis II mission, this time carrying human beings and paving the way for the first woman on the moon in the Artemis III mission.  

Their capabilities and expertise are a critical contribution to furthering the future of space exploration. Sneddon stated, “It is important for us to be part of that mission and to make sure that they’re all safe and successful.”  


From Grand Junction, Colorado to Outer Space  

SG Aerospace’s involvement in this project, an important piece of U.S. history, marks a tremendous milestone for the Grand Junction area, an emerging hub of innovation within the manufacturing, technology, and aerospace industries.  

Located on the western slope of Colorado, the Grand Junction area is the largest metropolitan region between Denver and Salt Lake City. It is home to a leading labor force, seven federally designated opportunity zones, and stunning natural landscapes while remaining easily accessible to major markets. Being headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado has allowed SG Aerospace & Gas to gain a competitive edge while embracing the region’s unparalleled quality of life, big-city amenities, and small-town feel.  

Their 10,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is located between the Grand Junction Regional Airport and I-70. The company’s location has allowed its facility to be easily accessible and close to large metropolitan areas and allows the company and its employees to thrive on local opportunities. 

With our highly skilled team, we have learned to navigate the terrain and create rural-to-urban business production that is precision quality at a better value than in larger cities. We are lucky to be near, and hire from, the fastest growing university in the state – Colorado Mesa University, “stated Sneddon.  

SG Aerospace’s commitment to nurturing local talent, leveraging proximity to Colorado Mesa University, and actively participating in regional economic partnerships emphasizes its dedication to fostering growth within this emerging community. They’re among the partners propelling the region’s aerospace industry forward through their involvement with initiatives like the Colorado Space Business Roundtable and the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.  

From their headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, this company has not merely reached for the sky but soared far beyond it. Their commitment to excellence has solidified their role as an industry leader, supplying vital components for the NASA Artemis project and partnering with industry leaders like Lockheed Martin.  

As the aerospace industry extends its reach, SG Aerospace & Gas stands at the forefront, embodying the spirit of limitless exploration and potential. For those seeking to join this transformative journey and explore business opportunities within the Grand Junction area, the door is open, beckoning toward a future where the sky truly is just the beginning.  

For more information on business development in the Grand Junction area and opportunities to partner with innovative companies, please contact or call 970-245-4332. 

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