May 17, 2017 – Just three days short of the deadline for GJEP’s  1-question survey on what topics you want to delve into at the “2030 VISION” community workshop on June 6, we’re seeing a few issues pull ahead, but there is still opportunity for a lot to change.

When we kicked off,  ‘CMU 20,000’ was in the lead, but has since then dropped to fourth place. Growing the tech industry has received over 57% of the votes, with improving K-12 education and establishing a hub for the outdoor recreation industry tied at second place. Adding more direct flights at Grand Junction Regional Airport rounds out our current top five list.

Want to see another topic in the top five? Make sure you vote by taking this survey now.

Only five topics will make it into the two-hour workshop taking place in the afternoon of the 2017 Western Colorado Economic Summit. Representatives of each topic will give attendees a short pitch, followed by breakout group discussions on opportunities, obstacles and next steps. The workshop will culminate with a live vote where you decide how to prioritize the key issues that we should tackle as a community over the next decade.

Register here for the 2017 Western Colorado Economic Summit and join the “2030 VISION” workshop live.

Can’t make the workshop? Don’t worry, we will post a video of it on after the workshop and allow you extra time to vote remotely.

One thing is evident – these are all important topics for the future welfare and economic growth of Colorado’s Grand Valley. While we won’t be able to tackle each and every one in the June 6 workshop, we value your continued feedback and discussion. Please email us your comments or share your thoughts on social media with #GV2030Vision.

Here are a few of the comments and additional topic recommendations we’ve seen so far:

Bike commuting

Commercial property tax breaks

legalize marijuana dispensaries for the economy they bring you our area

Grand Junction REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Why are we viewed by the rest of the State as the low income step child that wants to be something we are not?

eliminate the homeless in the parks and streets.

Develop a food hub

Bring BLM HQ. to Grand Junction

Improve safety on Horizon Drive


On behalf of the “2030 VISION” Steering Committee, we thank you for taking the time to vote on these topics and for taking part in the process to make our community an even better place for current and future residents.