Real Estate Development

As a fast-growing metropolitan area between Denver and Salt Lake City, Utah, Colorado’s Grand Valley provides a plethora of opportunities for commercial and residential development. The region boasts:

  • a robust transportation network via air, rail and highways

  • locally sourced talent through Colorado Mesa University, the Western Colorado Community College and the Mesa County Workforce Center;

  • rich natural resources above and below ground;

  • low costs of living and doing business; and

  • a local support network dedicated to your success.


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A Comprehensive Plan for Growth

The City of Grand Junction has developed a Comprehensive Plan to steer the community toward growth. Included in that plan are recent and ongoing investments in transportation infrastructure to help move people more efficiently along major roads and highways. The City is also investing over $14 million in a new river district located along the Colorado River and connecting the riverfront to downtown Grand Junction. Visit the City of Grand Junction website for more information.

Opportunity Zone: Grand Junction

The Opportunity Zone (OZ) program is a federal tax incentive for investors in eligible areas of Grand Junction that allows for the deferral, reduction or elimination of certain federal capital gains taxes. (Learn more.)

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