March 28, 2017 – Yesterday, Colorado Public Radio’s (CPR) Ryan Warner spoke with GJEP executive director Kristi Pollard and board member Sarah Shrader, who owns the local outdoor recreation endeavor Bonsai Design, about industry opportunities in the Grand Valley under the new administration. The “Colorado Matters” host delved in expecting to pit Kristi and Sarah on opposite sides of the spectrum, as they discuss a projected boon for local oil & gas companies under President Trump and how that might negatively impact outdoor recreation. The story takes a turn, however, when Sarah, also a founder of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition in Colorado’s Grand Valley, begins by praising the energy industry and how oil & gas organizations are collaborating and supporting an equally blooming outdoor recreation industry in Colorado’s Grand Valley.

“We want to be an example to show that these two industries that weren’t even talking before, can work together,” Sarah said.

Listen in on the CPR interview here.

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