At GJEP, we pride ourselves in giving each business individualized attention to ensure that your business relocation or expansion runs smoothly and you have access the best possible solutions for your company. GJEP will work directly with you to navigate local and state incentives and to tailor a financing package that meets the unique needs of your business.


State Incentives

  • Rural Jump-Start Tax Credit Program: New and expanding businesses in Mesa County may be eligible for a “tax holiday” for up to eight years, which includes zero state income taxes; zero state and local sales and use taxes; zero county and municipal real and business personal property taxes; and zero state income taxes for employees. Visit the Jump-Start Mesa County website.
  • Enterprise Zone: Mesa County is a designated Colorado Enterprise Zone, which provides
    businesses with tax credits for specific (pre-certified) business operations – hiring new employees, providing
    employees with health insurance and job training, obtaining a new business facility or purchasing new
    equipment – if they locate or expand in a designated “enterprise zone.”
  • Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit: A performance-based program for businesses pursuing job creation projects
    that would otherwise not occur in Colorado. Businesses that create at least 20 net new jobs in Colorado within a
    credit period may be eligible for a state income tax credit equal to 50% of FICA paid.
  • Strategic Fund Incentive: A cash incentive program for eligible businesses that create net new full-time jobs in
    the State of Colorado and maintained for at least one year.
  • Colorado FIRST / Existing Industry Customized Job Training: A customized job training program that focuses
    on companies relocating to or expanding in Colorado and provides funds only to net new hires.
  • Manufacturing Sales and Use Tax Exemption: A local sales tax exemption on purchases of machinery and
    machine tools over $500 to be used directly and predominantly in manufacturing tangible personal property for
  • Remote Rural Work Program: A program to incentivize companies to hire employees in urban and rural areas.

Local Incentives

  • Mesa County and City of Grand Junction Business Personal Property Tax Rebate: A new or existing business
    that invests a minimum of $1 million in new business facilities or equipment, and increases employment by 10%
    or one full-time employee, may receive a rebate for 100% of business personal property tax paid to Mesa County
    and the City of Grand Junction.
  • City of Grand Junction Sales and Use Taxes on Manufacturing Consumables: Businesses have the
    opportunity to waive 100% of sales and use tax paid to the City of Grand Junction on manufacturing
    consumables used in the manufacturing process.
  • Grand Junction Economic Partnership Incentive Fund: GJEP’s Board of Directors may provide eligible
    businesses with cash incentives for capital expenditures and primary job creation in the Grand Valley.
  • On-the-Job Training Program: A limited-duration contract between an employer and the Mesa County
    Workforce Center that offsets wages while new employees are onboarding and training.



8 years. 0 taxes.
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