January 12, 2018 – ProStar Geocorp, one of Mesa County’s inaugural participants in the JumpStart Rural Tax Credit program, continues to expand its reach. ProStar announced earlier this week that it’s entered into a partnership with Juniper Systems to produce an affordable, efficient solution for capturing precise cable and pipe locating data.

Juniper Systems, based in Logan, Utah, and the UK, designs and manufactures ultra-rugged handheld computers and provides field data collection solutions for use in extreme environments. Through the partnership, ProStar will combine its patented software with Juniper Systems’ specialized hardware.

“Bundling PointMan® with Juniper’s mobile devices and GPS receivers creates a complete and comprehensive solution that offers utility professionals an affordable and easy-to-use option for precision mapping of underground utilities,” said President and CEO of ProStar Page Tucker. “We’re excited to be partnering with Juniper Systems to add an industry-leading rugged tablet and sub-meter GPS receiver to our existing software.”

Juniper Systems Business Development Manager Trevor Brown said, “We look forward to helping utility professionals implement this solution. Users can now, at an affordable price, produce and record precision utility maps that persist long after the spray paint wears away and the markers are gone.”

Read the full press release here.

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UPDATE 1.30.2018: The Business Times covers the licensing deal in an article here.


Photo: ProStar Geocorp CEO Page Tucker in his Grand Junction office.