The Embassy Gardens Sky Pool in the U.K. is a first-of-its kind luxury pool that is suspended between two high-rise buildings near the U.S. Embassy in London. It was built at Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc. in Grand Junction.

It’s more than 200 tons of luxury, a transparent “floating” swimming pool between two buildings overlooking the U.S. Embassy in London, and beyond that, the River Thames.

The Embassy Garden’s Sky Pool is the first of its kind, and while its look is high-end and urban, it was actually made 5,000 miles away from its current home…

Reynolds Polymer is known internationally for its expertise and experience with acrylic and creating large and unique aquariums, pools and more. But this project had its own challenges.

The Daily Sentinel, May 29, 2021

Photo credit: Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. for The Daily Sentinel