The Gondola Shop in Fruita has been tapped for a novel use to combat COVD-19 constraints – refurbish 20 gondolas into dining cabins for the Town of Mountain Village near Telluride. The dining cabins will be scattered in the base plaza to allow for more seating for restaurants as winter temperatures arrive.

The cabins […] will have lights (in the ceiling and under chairs), heating and ventilation systems, cushioned seats with black leather coverings, wooden dining tables, easy-sliding doors and sturdy floors that can withstand wear and tear from ski boots.

The Know Outdoor – The Denver Post – October 21, 2020

The Gondola Shop is run by Sunshine Polishing Technology, a company which relocated its U.S. operations to the Grand Valley from Eagle County in 2017. The company has 8 full-time employees refurbishing 100 gondolas per year for clients in the U.S., Canada and across Europe.

“The gondolas we restore are mainly sold for private (owners),” [owner Dominique] Bastien said. “Some people turn them into offices with light and tables and heaters. We make saunas, and party ones with fridges inside and lights and speakers. We did some for backyards for kids with a swing, ropes you can climb and a little slide that comes out of the roof. We can do anything.”

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Image taken from article.