May 5, 2017 – ProStar Geocorp’s Transparent Earth® is the featured cover story in the May edition of World Pipeline Magazine, which focuses on covering all aspects of pipeline engineering, construction and maintenance for the pipeline industry. The article explains how ProStar’s modern cloud technology and geospatial intelligence software has proven to provide significant return on assets (ROA) by streamlining business practices and creating workflow efficiencies throughout the asset management lifecycle.

“We expect to see tremendous growth in terms of exploration and new infrastructure being placed into the ground over the next several years,” stated Page Tucker, CEO of ProStar Geocorp and contributing author of the feature article. “Highlighting our Cloud and Mobile Transparent Earth solution is timely as the industry is now exploring the adoption of new technologies in order to improve operations and asset management. I would argue that Cloud solutions are the most logical step with the potential for the greatest and quickest impact on the industry. I am confident that Transparent Earth will become the de facto name throughout the world for any company with a mandate to become more modern, transparent and efficient.”

Stephanie Roker, Assistant Editor at World Pipelines magazine, stated: “World Pipelines is delighted to be featuring an article from ProStar Geocorp, to appear alongside its cover advert in the May issue. World Pipelines magazine is the leading international publication for the oil and gas pipeline industry, covering all aspects of pipeline engineering, construction and maintenance, as well as the technical and business issues that pertain to the industry. While the oil and gas industry has been slower than other sectors in adapting cloud technology, it is now beginning to play a more prominent role. ProStar’s article in the May issue explores how oil and gas companies in North America are successfully utilizing cloud technology to improve their current business practices.”

Read the story in World Pipeline Magazine here, and learn more about ProStar Geocorp here.