On March 14, 2022, Colorado Biz Magazine published a positive article online announcing the return of the Western Colorado Economic Summit.

The article covered what to expect for the 2022 WCES event and provided helpful information on the Grand Junction Economic Partnership and its mission. ColoradoBiz honored GJEP as a Top Company in Nonprofit in 2021, recognizing the company’s drive, determination, visions, and plans that make Colorado a better place to live and work. Entering spring of 2022, GJEP announces the return of the Western Colorado Economic Summit (WCES), held at the Grand Junction Convention Center on Tuesday, April 26. 

“We feel that it is really important to circle back on many topics that came up in 2021. Not only are we still maneuvering many of these issues six months later, but they also came up as key areas affecting the quality of life on the Grand Vision survey,” said Britain Garza, GJEP Community Relations Manager and lead organizer of the WCES.

Garza continued, “The exciting part is that there’s been lots of movement on these issues in our community in this short time frame. We are now seeing opportunity and progress, whereas in the past we might have had more questions and concerns. We are looking forward to presenting these efforts at WCES.”

The 2021 WCES had nearly 500 attendees, despite being postponed to late September and maneuvering the fall surge in the COVID-19 pandemic. The event moved to the Convention Center for the first time to be able to bring in more guests and support larger breakout sessions.

Read the full article at: www.cobizmag.com/annual-western-colorado-economic-summit-returns-in-2022/