FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (June 18, 2020 | Grand Junction, CO) – The Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) is pleased to welcome INFOCU5 to Colorado’s Grand Valley. The SaaS company was approved for the Location Neutral Employee (LONE) Incentive by Colorado’s Economic Development Commission this morning and is currently relocating its office in Pasadena, Cali., to Grand Junction.

“Over the past two years, I’ve been re-establishing my roots here in southwestern Colorado after living in Santa Barbara, California for 16 years,” said Jake Bush, CEO and Founder of INFOCU5. “Being born and raised in Telluride, the changes I have seen across the Western Slope have led to a newfound appreciation for the entire region, more specifically the countless gems in and around Mesa County.”

INFOCU5, which is headquartered in Telluride and already operates a satellite office in Denver, is moving one dozen employees from Pasadena to Grand Junction. It has also hired around 30 locals previously employed by Startek, which closed down its operations in Grand Junction earlier this year. Altogether, INFOCU5 plans to hire upward 300 employees over the next three years to the new location. With an average annual salary of $60,513, employees earn well above the Mesa County average.

“Our ongoing effort to exit our California operations over the past 14 months has been met with great excitement to be officially teaming up with the Grand Valley communities to help spearhead sustainable economic growth and opportunity across the rural-based communities of Colorado, with Grand Junction being the location of our new core operations HUB,’ said Bush.

The company is the first in Colorado’s Grand Valley to take advantage of the LONE incentive, which provides companies that are approved for a Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit in the State of Colorado with an additional cash incentive for each remote worker employed in an eligible rural county. The incentive was a key driver for INFOCU5 – nearly 50% of the Grand Junction employees meet the parameters for the incentive.

The company initially looked at several locations before settling on Grand Junction. INFOCU5 was also drawn by the local workforce availability and GJEP’s relocation program, which provides relocating employees and their families with continuous support throughout their move.

GJEP began working with INFOCU5 in April 2019 after an introduction through Marc Nager, the fund director for the Greater Colorado Venture Fund, and a meeting at Techstars Startup Week Western Slope last June.

“We are excited to see this year-long process end in a win for the Grand Valley,” said Mara Hardy, GJEP’s Business Development Manager for the tech sector. “INFOCU5 is a perfect fit for our growing tech community. We look forward to welcoming its employees and their families to the Western Slope!”

INFOCU5 offers a suite of software solutions designed to help organizations manage capacities associated with customer service and sales initiatives. The company’s singular, web-based application is designed to enhance a business’s existing customer support teams and performance marketing efforts. The software also provides an access point to a unique marketplace of talented and highly trained on-demand agents available for customer service, sales, and marketing support. INFOCU5 users range from direct online sellers to government service centers. Visit to learn more about INFOCU5.

About the Grand Junction Economic Partnership
The Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) works to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in Colorado’s Grand Valley by supporting high-impact capital investment and job creation. Operating as a 501(c)3, GJEP administers incentive programs, such as the Rural Jump-Start Tax Credit, the Location Neutral Employee Incentive and Opportunity Zone investments, and offers services free of charge to organizations interested in relocation or expansion in the cities of Grand Junction and Fruita, the town of Palisade and surrounding communities of Mesa County. Visit for more information.