Innovative Outdoor Manufacturer Goose Gear Chooses

Grand Junction, Colorado for Headquarters Relocation

Grand Junction, Colorado (February 6, 2024) —

The Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) is pleased to announce that Goose Gear, a leading outdoor recreation and overland manufacturer, has selected Grand Junction, Colorado, as the site for its new headquarters.

Family-owned and operated, Goose Gear specializes in manufacturing high-quality camping systems for vehicle-based recreation that add to the simplicity and comfort of their customers’ outdoor experience. Originally founded as Pazzulla Plastics in Huntington Beach in 1952, Goose Gear has evolved into a premier provider of vehicle-based storage solutions over the past decade. With four generations and 60 years of expertise in laminate manufacturing, Goose Gear utilizes state-of-the-art CNC machinery to meet the needs of local and world-traveling off-road adventurists.

After experiencing continued growth and unprecedented sales in 2023, Goose Gear has set its sights on new markets and additional segments, including international distribution, new vehicle-specific SKUs, and expansion into public safety equipment contracts. The company identified a need for relocation after being blocked by the lack of affordability in Orange County, California’s industrial space, a significant barrier to their expansion.

Goose Gear conducted an extensive search for relocation destinations in pursuit of affordability and superior quality of life for its employees. The company considered several locations and ultimately selected Grand Junction, CO, after working closely with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership. During the site selection process, GJEP supported Goose Gear by identifying regional growth opportunities, available incentives, real estate, and workforce development support. Goose Gear anticipates finalizing their relocation to Grand Junction in April 2024 and will begin hiring for 9 new positions ranging from general shop labor to CNC machine operator and general office staff.

Brian Fulton, Founder and CEO of Goose Gear, expressed his enthusiasm for the decision, stating, “As Goose Gear embarks on its 10th year, we’re excited to announce Grand Junction as our new home. The city’s exceptional outdoor lifestyle echoes our passion and offers strategic advantages for our business. GJEP’s incredible support has been instrumental in facilitating this transition, making Grand Junction an obvious choice for our next chapter.”

In partnership with GJEP, Goose Gear secured the Job Growth Tax Incentive through the Economic Development Commission (EDC) for the creation of up to 49 new primary jobs over an eight year period, valued at $535,844. The Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit is an eight-year job creation incentive to support competitive, multi-state, or county relocation and expansion projects. The tax credit provides businesses with a Colorado state income tax credit equal to 50% of FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) tax paid by the business per net new job for each calendar year in the credit period.

Additionally, Goose Gear was awarded $55,000 from Grand Junction Economip Partnership and Industrial Development, Inc (IDI), a sister organization to the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, to help offset relocation costs, including the transportation of manufacturing equipment.

GJEP Executive Director Curtis Englehart stated, “GJEP is beyond excited to welcome Goose Gear into our community! Goose Gear is an industry leader in the outdoor manufacturing space and their business is a perfect fit for our community. As we continued to meet with Goose Gear, we were inspired by their unwavering commitment to prioritize their employees’ superior quality of life in their new location. With great confidence, we anticipate Goose Gear’s flourishing presence in the Grand Junction area. We eagerly look forward to witnessing the positive and lasting impact they will undoubtedly make on our community,”

As Goose Gear prepares to transition its headquarters to Grand Junction, the company anticipates contributing to regional job growth and Colorado’s outdoor industry. Emphasizing the significance of quality of life, Goose Gear looks forward to providing its team members with a fulfilling work environment and enhanced access to outdoor amenities.

Aislinn Fulton, affectionately known as Goose and the inspiration behind Goose Gear, shared her excitement for the company’s future, “Embracing Grand Junction for Goose Gear’s decade milestone feels like launching into a grand adventure. The spirit of the mountains aligns perfectly with our ethos, and I’m thrilled to contribute to our next chapter of exploration and growth.”

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