GJEP Releases Results of 2021 “Grand Vision” Survey

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (December 23, 2021) – Community members want Colorado’s Grand Valley to be a safe and forward-thinking community and a hub for outdoor recreation. That is the initial response to a query the Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) launched at the Western Colorado Economic Summit earlier this fall.

Part of a broader effort to establish a long-term vision for the Grand Valley, GJEP distributed a two-question survey that received nearly 500 responses from community members and people invested in the future of the region.

Survey respondents were first asked to select up to five answers to finish the sentence “I want the Grand Valley to be known for/as” – and the top selections were, in order:

  • A Safe Community (36.25%)
  • An Outdoor Recreation Hub (35.85%)
  • A Forward-Thinking Community (34.22%)
  • A Top-Tier K-12 Education System (31.77%)
  • Our Public Lands, that are varied, beautiful and easily accessible (30.14%)

The next question asked what respondents felt that Grand Valley economic development efforts should focus on moving forward, to which the majority (42.77%) responded with supporting efforts to improve the K-12 education system. Rounding out the top five priorities for economic development were:

  • Grow our green spaces, trails and outdoor recreation opportunities (35.23%)
  • Support efforts to improve transportation infrastructure across the Grand Valley (pedestrian, public, air, rail and road) (31.77%)
  • Improve broadband connectivity in the Grand Valley (30.96%)
  • and, Supporting climate policies to maintain or improve air and water quality (29.12%)

In addition, respondents were given the opportunity to write in additional feedback. Many community members noted the area’s vibrant arts and culture scene, which they would like to see supported through future efforts as well.

“We are grateful that so many people took the time to answer our survey and be part of this effort,” said Mike Sneddon, GJEP Chairman of the Board and President of SG Aerospace & Gas, a local manufacturer. “Our mission at GJEP is to improve the economic vitality of the Grand Valley and the quality of life for its residents. We want to make sure that how we define an economically healthy and happy community aligns with what our community members think.”

GJEP will work with its board members and community stakeholders to set goals, identify programs currently in progress, and identify additional resources that may be needed to support the vision. Findings will be combined into a strategic plan for the community, the “Grand Vision”, which GJEP aims to present at the 2022 Western Colorado Economic Summit on April 26.

“It is important to note,” continued Sneddon, “that our primary focus at GJEP is business recruitment. And, while each of the factors identified through this visioning process impacts our success, the advancement of this plan needs to come from the community at large.”

Download the summary survey responses and learn more about the Grand Vision process at gjep.org/grand-vision

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