November 16, 2017 – Last night, Grand Junction City Council took two major steps toward the completion of RIVERFRONT at las colonias PARK. First, they approved a five-member board to oversee the Las Colonias Development Corporation (LCDC). The entity, on which GJEP has a board seat, will manage all aspects of the development, including securing funding to improve infrastructure and business recruitment efforts.

Second, City Council approved the framework for other businesses to lease property in the proposed 15-acre business park, effectively opening doors for the LCDC to move forward with companies that have expressed interest in the business park to date, and to recruit additional prospects. We are thrilled to see this development take shape!

Grand Junction City Attorney John Shaver told The Daily Sentinel:

“the shift to developing about 10 percent of the 147-acre park for a ‘high tech, high-attraction’ business development will dramatically change the character of the area for the better.”

Read The Daily Sentinel’s coverage of the Council’s decision here.

Explore RIVERFRONT at las colonias PARK here.