The economic outlook in Mesa County looks better than the rest of the state, according to the 2021 Colorado Business Economic Outlook report released by the CU Leeds School of Business yesterday. The report is a deep dive into the state and its regions’ economy heading into the next year.

“’Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Mesa County was on track to have an exceptional year,’ the report said. ‘While the pandemic has had an impact on all aspects of the community, the county is recovering and outperforming other counties and the state.’

One figure the report highlighted was Mesa County’s low unemployment. Just like the rest of the country, that total was high when the virus first hit.

In April, Mesa County’s unemployment rate was high as 12.6%. As of October, the most recent data available on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website, Mesa County’s unemployment rate is listed at 5.7%, which is lower than the state and national averages.”

The Daily Sentinel, Dec. 8, 2020