Key Industries in Colorado’s Grand Valley

Agriculture, food and beverage are key industries in Colorado's Grand Valley

Food and Beverage

Home to Colorado Wine Country and the famous Palisade peaches, this region has a long tradition with fruits and farming. But it is our mild climate, skilled workforce and friendly tax climate that continues to entice new business, such as craft breweries and distilleries, farm-to- fork operations and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

Information Technology and Creative Tech, key industries in Colorado's Grand Valley

Information and Creative Technology

With innovation in our DNA and a digital infrastructure that includes fiber-optic, the Grand Valley draws tech entrepreneurs, software developers, telecommunications firms, videographers, photographers and graphic designers who seek flexible work environments and inspiration in our great outdoors.

Aviation and aerospace, key industries in Colorado's Grand Valley

Aviation and Aerospace

With ample open terrain and void of extreme weather incidents, Colorado’s Grand Valley offers the ideal home base for national aviation industry suppliers like West Star Aviation, as well as a launch pad for unique pilot programs with Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs).

Colorado's Grand Valley is a regional medical hub

Medical and Healthcare

With four hospitals, countless medical facilities and a homegrown talent pool at Colorado Mesa University, the Grand Valley is quickly becoming a healthcare hub for the mountain region, attracting medical device, research and development, and healthcare IT businesses.

Energy and renewables are key industries in Colorado's Grand Valley

Energy and Renewables

Bountiful natural resources and over 200 days of sunshine are a couple of the reasons Colorado’s Grand Valley can offer 360 degrees of the energy industry. We’ve got a rich history in oil and gas, but we’re also home to the first-ever coal/solar demonstration array and Colorado’s first-ever solar company, Atlasta Solar Center.

Outdoor recreation manufacturing and related business

Outdoor Recreation

DT Swiss, Leitner-Poma, Loki and MRP are just some of the outdoor specialists that call Colorado’s Grand Valley home – where the mild climate, diverse terrain and ample outdoor amenities, coupled with an experienced industry network, create the perfect blend of testing ground and playground.