January 11, 2018 – In an article published earlier this week, Innovation & Tech Today talks about how Grand Junction is becoming an unlikely (but welcomed!) tech hub. Here’s an excerpt:

“When you think of a tech scene, you might imagine imposing gray skyscrapers full of identical offices. Inside those offices, you likely imagine fluorescently-lit rooms where employees haven’t had fresh air all day, surrounded by a concrete jungle. For the ever-growing tech industry, this is definitely not an ideal way to work. And Grand Junction, Colorado is looking to change that vision.

Located in the Grand Valley nearly 300 miles west of Denver, Grand Junction is known for its many outdoor destinations, such as the Horsethief Bench Trail and the Grand Mesa National Forest. In addition to its hiking and biking trails, one of the main draws of the area is its many gorgeous sights, such as the Colorado National Monument and Mt. Garfield. These natural settings are a burnt out developer’s dream and are likely among the reasons Grand Junction is becoming an unlikely tech hub.

One story that shows off what makes Grand Junction so attractive to tech personalities is that of Erica Witherspoon. The founder and CEO of Omnifica, Witherspoon had an interesting journey to Grand Junction. After working in Seattle for companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo, she found herself in need of a change. In a video for the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, Witherspoon said, ‘I went on a very intentional search to find a small community with quick access to the outdoors with a laid-back lifestyle … I ended up coming through the Grand Valley … I found everything I was looking for, and I just love the tight-knit community here.'”

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