August 5, 2016 – The Colorado Technology Association headed to Grand Junction for the 2016 Colorado Tech Tour, bringing with them a number of businesses and media members interested to learn more about this tech hub-in-the-making on the western slope.

“Here’s what’s cool – if you paint the picture of Grand Junction and western Colorado, they’re small communities that are heavily reliant on oil and gas or agriculture, legacy industries. One of the things you’re seeing from a community standpoint is there’s been a lot of uncertainty, job layoffs in coal mines, and oil and gas. It’s scary stuff. And yet, many of the cool startups and tech companies that we heard from today are focused on these legacy industries and bringing new solutions that they’ve never seen before.

The venue, where the event was located, was ProStars, which is one of the fastest growing GIS oil and gas companies out there, getting massive contracts and creating digital mapping solutions. Again, what’s really cool about that, as other oil and gas companies are leaving western Colorado, they’re able to work with oil and gas projects and organizations all over the world.” – Brian Watson, LAUNCHWestCO

Excerpt from a ColoradoBiz magazine article that ran online August 5, 2016. Get the full story.