May 4, 2017 – Yesterday, Newschannel 5 interviewed GJEP’s Kristi Pollard and Tracy Harmer, CEO of Adaptive Communications, the latest company to join Jump-Start Mesa County. Here’s what they said:

“‘Adaptive Communications’ will be setting up shop in Grand Junction bringing with them a number of jobs and one of the newest products to hit the wireless-broadband market.

‘There’s nothing like this on the market, said Tracy Harmer, President of Adaptive Communications, ‘We can roll up on a trailer at a site, all we need is semi-level ground, so anything that’s within 6 inches across a 40 foot square, and within three hours, these towers can be on and operating.’

The broadband towers are pre-assembled with wiring and radio in the warehouse, a to-be-found facility that will be located somewhere in Grand Junction. Then the towers, ranging from shorter than 40 feet to as tall as 120 feet, head out to where ever they need to be set up. The initial design was intended to help rural areas access high-speed internet, but with such simple set up, that’s really where the possibilities start.

‘We think there is a really high ceiling for Adaptive [Communications].’ said Kristi Pollard, the Executive Director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, ‘Potentially work with the military, some of the areas when we have a natural disaster.’

GJEP brought in Adaptive Communications through the Rural Jump Start program, providing them an eight-year tax-free holiday. One of the requirements for the program, is the company must add value to the communities they move to.

‘They are definitely above the average salary here.’ said Pollard.

Adaptive Communications plans to hire 13 employees this year, with hopes to add 30 more by the end of next year.”

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