MotoMinded LLC, a small but efficient company with a passion for imgining, designing, and producing quality products for motorcycles has announced its relocation from Colorado Springs to Mesa County.

MotoMinded specializes in manufacturing LED lighting and mounts for motorcycles. The company utilizes several advanced manufacturing techniques to produce products in-house along with outsourced billet CNC vendors. Their current capabilities include additive manufacturing, laser cutting and etching, and CNC routing. They are committed to sourcing as many materials as possible from U.S.-based suppliers and manufacturers and emphasize trail advocacy with donations to the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance.

Chris Vestal, the owner of MotoMinded, stated, “We chose Mesa County for several reasons. The most important reason is a better quality of life for us and our employees. Outside the shop, we love to ride our bicycles and motorcycles, hike, and look forward to getting into water recreation on the Colorado River. The local outdoor recreation economy has grown to a point we feel can support us and we look forward to getting involved and helping to grow it further.”

MotoMinded has been working closely with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership throughout the process of relocating to Mesa County. Curtis Englehart, GJEP Executive Director stated, “We are very excited to announce the relocation of MotoMinded to the Grand Junction area! MotoMinded is a very impressive outdoor recreation manufacturing company that has a lot of potential to thrive in its new home. This relocation is a great example of GJEP’s vision to help create a strong and diverse economy in Mesa County.”

MotoMinded is working through the process of renovating its facility and will be utilizing the Enterprise Zone tax credit incentive gaining them incentives for job creation, employee training, and expenditures on capital investment. As MotoMinded moves its operations to Mesa County, they plan to hire several positions.

Currently, MotoMinded is seeking a full-time Production Operator. This position is responsible for assembling motorcycle accessories, performing quality control, and working closely with leadership on daily operations. For more information on this job posting, please contact

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