Today’s issue of CompanyWeek highlighted RockyMounts, the bike rack manufacturer that relocated from Boulder to Grand Junction a few years ago and became the first business to move in to Riverfront at Las Colonias Park. The company struggled at the start of the pandemic, but has since benefitted from a growing trend to get outside and ride. Here’s more:

“Like much of the bike industry, RockyMounts has seen significant sales growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘I almost have some survivor’s guilt because our business has benefited from this,’ says Noyes. ‘A lot of businesses that are suffering are the retailers and restaurants. Obviously those industries are in turmoil.’

Bobby Noyes from inside the RockyMounts facility at Riverfront at Las Colonias Park in downtown Grand Junction.

However, the pandemic has made it an interesting year for Rocky Mounts with two distinct periods. ‘Up through April, which was pretty dark, and then since May 1, which I’m considering the COVID bike boom,’ Noyes says. ‘Since May 1, we’re up about 68 percent over the prior year. . . . We were shooting for 20 percent. So we’re obviously way up over that.’

Noyes anticipates that the growth in sales will continue into 2021. ‘We’re having some supply chain problems, but with the bike boom, I think this thing’s going to go on through at least July, which is the bulk of our selling season. So I would wager if we don’t have any supply chain problems we’ll be up 15 to 20 percent over 2020.'”

CompanyWeek, Dec. 9, 2020