July 17, 2018 – In Sunday’s paper, Robin Brown outlines the much anticipated new federal tax incentive program, Opportunity Zones. While the exact parameters for the program are still being worked out, the legislation provides a federal tax incentive for investors who invest within census tracts that are classified as Opportunity Zones, aka distressed areas across the country ripe with investment opportunities. There are 14 such zones in Grand Junction. (! Update 1/2/2019: There are 7 approved Opportunity Zones in Grand Junction.)

Read the article in The Daily Sentinel here (PDF) or learn more about Opportunity Zones in Colorado here.

Matt Rosenburg of Rosecap Investments  is one of the first investors to take advantage of the new incentive by establishing an Opportunity Fund in Grand Junction. If you are interested in how you can take advantage of this incentive program, please contact GJEP at (970) 245 4332 or email robin@gjep.org.