February 1, 2018 – Last night, Newschannel 5 shared this positive bit of news from Colorado’s Grand Valley: Mesa County residents saw nearly $800 more in their paychecks in 2017 and the county added more than 1,600 new jobs. At the forefront of this growth is the manufacturing industry, which is projected to grow 7.3% in Mesa County by 2022. That’s compared to a national average of 0.9% growth in the same time frame.

The segment also featured Phoenix Haus, a recent relocation to the Grand Valley from Detroit, MI. Founder Bill McDonald has cited a number of reasons for the move, including access to a qualified workforce, commercial real estate opportunities, proximity to clients and the quality of life offered in the “Outdoor Capital of Colorado.” Phoenix Haus will also benefit from a significant tax break through Jump-Start Mesa County.

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Photo Credit: Leitner Poma of USA, one of the key contributors to the manufacturing industry in Colorado’s Grand Valley.