November 15, 2016 – CenturyLink announced last week that more than 700 local businesses have access to high-speed internet service. Here’s more from The Business Times:

“Internet services with speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second are now available to more than 700 Grand Valley businesses as part of efforts by CenturyLink to serve tenants in commercial buildings across Colorado.

CenturyLink announced that high-speed Internet access is available to more than 21,000 businesses in buildings across the state, including a total of 61 buildings in Grand Junction and Fruita and 169 buildings in Western Colorado.”

Broadband service continues to be a hot topic in Mesa County as we seek to help existing and new businesses grow. GJEP’s executive director was interviewed by The Business Times on the CenturyLink announcement:

“’We are pleased to learn that more local business customers in Grand Junction and Fruita located within a total of 61 mult-tenant unit properties can benefit from gigabit services now available from CenturyLink’s recent broadband investments in the Grand Valley,’ [Kristi] Pollard said. ‘Access to affordable and scalable gigabit services is key to our ability to attract and create jobs and grow our existing local businesses in Grand Junction and Fruita.’”

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