November 17, 2016 – Business View magazine, a North American guide to industry trends and best practices, has published a profile on GJEP in the November issue. Here is an excerpt of the interview with our executive director, Kristi Pollard:

“‘When a company comes to me, I have direct access to the mayors, and the councils, and commissioners. If there’s something that our local governments can do to assist, we work together to make it the most valuable experience for those businesses,’ [says Kristi Pollard].

Pollard is bullish on the region’s pro-business agenda. ‘I believe that we are on the move and we’re doing some things that are going to be putting us on the map, not only in Colorado, but nationally,’she declares. ‘One of the first things that our community has instituted in an effort to recruit new businesses into the area is called ‘Rural Jumpstart.’ It’s a program that was implemented in January of this year by the State of Colorado and Mesa County. We were the first county to enroll in the program and we are, currently, the only county that is qualifying businesses for this program.’”

Read more about Jump-Start Mesa County and GJEP’s business recruitment efforts in Business View magazine here.