Building the Future: Låda Cube‘s Award-Winning Approach to Construction

By: Selena Sanchez | Director of Marketing & Communications, GJEP 

Deep in the heart of Grand Junction, one company is building the future, one wall at a time. Låda Cube is an innovative building tech company that provides modern and stylish solutions for retail, residential, and business needs. 

Låda Cube offers pre-manufactured and pre-engineered walls, giving customers incredible flexibility and function. The company aims to create demountable walls that function like traditional walls. Their unique model allows Låda Cube to drive innovation, offset waste and environmental impact, and allow their customers to go mobile and customize spaces to fit their needs.

Låda Cube made the prestigious Long List for the World Architectural News (WAN Awards) in 2015 and was selected as one of the top 50 companies for the world’s largest startup event, the Startup Grind 2017 Global Conference. In 2015, Inhabitat called Låda Cube “the walls that could revolutionize the construction industry.” Låda Cube continues to shake up the construction industry, working with industry leaders including WeWork, Tesla Inc., and HWKN, among many other exciting companies.  

This year, Låda Cube was named a Colorado Companies to Watch Award winner, recognizing their contribution to Colorado’s economy and innovation.


Who is Låda Cube?

At the time of the company’s inception, Låda Cube’s Founder & CEO, John Fay, was working as a high school counselor when he had an epiphany and ended up developing the product in his garage a few years later. Låda Cube was founded in 2013 in Grand Junction and has continued to grow.

The company set out to prove that demountable walls could be excellent, innovative, and function exactly like traditional walls but with the added benefits of significant cost savings, flexibility, and design freedom.

We liken ourselves to the 2×4 for the future. One of our missions is to rewrite how construction is built—rewriting the rules of how structures are made and looking at some of the inherent inefficiencies and lack of skilled labor we see across the market. “ stated John Fay.

Låda Cube manufactures eight sizes of wall pieces called cassettes that allow for panelized construction to configure virtually any floor plan or space. The Lego-like walls feature internal cam locks and can be configured with minimal labor and an Allen wrench. Their products allow customers to rethink and reconfigure spaces while allowing them to relocate the structures as needed or resell the product on the open market.


Headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado

Låda Cube calls Grand Junction home and has found sustainable success while operating in the region. The Grand Junction area is the largest metropolitan region between Denver and Salt Lake City. The community is known for its charming small-town atmosphere while boasting big city amenities, including direct access to I-70, a regional airport, attractive real estate, quality healthcare facilities, and higher education through Colorado Mesa University.

Fay stated, “Compared to other places, I’ve enjoyed the ability to find labor and relatively lower-cost spaces to operate. I think the overall cost of business, coupled with Grand Junction’s strategic community size, is a benefit. Grand Junction is a community that is not too small but not too big.

Lada Cube has been able to experience business growth and hire additional employees in Grand Junction. The company has worked closely with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership to identify available resources and incentives. Most recently, Lada Cube has been able to take advantage of the Enterprise Zone program which allows for tax credits for a variety of business activities including hiring and training employees, providing health insurance, and more.

Beyond the business opportunities, talent pool, and cost of doing business in Grand Junction, many people choose to live and work in the area due to its unparalleled quality of life. The region is a renowned outdoor recreation and innovation hub with over 245 sunny days per year.

It’s this incredible sweet spot where we see a lot of value. But I think at the end of the day, it just boils down to these are our people, and we love it here. The recreation is outstanding. I love going mountain biking and maybe being one of five people there. Having access to things and raising our kids here has been wonderful.


Growth & Housing on the Horizon

Låda Cube continues to experience tremendous growth as the business gains new recognition. The company partners with team members in Cape Town, South Africa and Guadalajara, Mexico, and plans to expand into Canada. Låda Cube employs 15 team members locally and plans to grow to over 35 employees in their Grand Junction office with many new leadership positions.

As the company grows, Låda Cube has set its sights on solving problems in the housing realm. The need for housing that fits the needs of people across all levels of socioeconomic status continues to grow. Fay told us,  “We’re starting to see a need for housing worldwide, and we see the potential for what Låda Cube can achieve in this category. We call it the democratization of construction with the ability to free people to build and use these products and its digital systems.

Låda Cube aims to reach a minimum viable product for their housing units developed this year and looks forward to introducing new products.

Learn more about Låda Cube and its innovative approach to panelized construction by visiting

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