Last week, Violet Gro held a grand opening for its new headquarters in Grand Junction. The company spun off from a Florida-based LED lighting company, Violet Defense Group, which has been working diligently with local farmers and hemp industry in the area for more than a year. Violet Gro is a participant in the Jumpstart Tax Credit Program. Here’s more from The Daily Sentinel: 

“Violet Gro has worked closely with farmers in the hemp industry in the area, which Violet Defense CEO Terry Berland said is a perk of locating in Grand Junction.

“We have a big belief that hemp will be a real transformative part of the cannabis story. And one of the best places to find hemp is going to be on the Western Slope,” Berland said.

The company has had a presence in the Grand Valley for some time, but received some incentive to locate its headquarters in town last year. Violet Go was accepted into the Rural Jump-Start Tax Credit program, which is intended to attract jobs to rural areas. Violet Gro is planning to hire four or five employees over the next year. Berland said the company could hire its first of the new employees this week.”

Photo via The Daily Sentinel.