Chuck Hull, inventor of 3D printing, was born in Grand Junction. Mesa County Sheriff’s Department flew the first drone used in law enforcement in the country.

Colorado’s oldest solar energy company, Atlasta Solar, still operates here today.

Tech innovation is in our DNA in Colorado’s Grand Valley and a slew of budding tech entrepreneurs are banding together to create the next great tech hub, with a keen eye toward the environment. From cleantech and agtech to building apps that navigate trails or capturing adventure junkies on film using drones and GoPros, Grand Valley’s tech scene is growing as vast as our great outdoors.

Tech Innovators May Be Eligible for a Tax Holiday: Learn How
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Six reasons why Colorado’s Grand Valley is the next great tech hub:


The Grand Valley has a long legacy in agriculture, energy and healthcare, which just happens to be three of the fastest-growing areas for technology business.


Situated an equidistance from two of America’s top emerging tech hubs (Denver-Boulder, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah), the similarities are many, but it’s what we don’t have that makes the Grand Valley stand out: no congestion, no lines, no insurmountable business costs.


The Grand Junction metro is the telecommunications hub (LATA Tandem) of western Colorado with an extensive technical infrastructure in place and supportive local government proactively looking to grow tech opportunities in the community.


Jump-Start Mesa County, an 8-year tax holiday for business, is one of the many benefits for tech entrepreneurs who choose Colorado’s Grand Valley. Learn more.


Colorado Mesa University offers extensive academic programs in everything from computer information systems, to mechanical and geographic information technology, to civil engineering. The Maverick Innovation Center connects CMU’s brightest students with the local business community.


LAUNCH West CO offers education, networking and coworking space to 300+ local developers, designers and tech entrepreneurs. See how it started.


THE CREATIVESInspired by nature, empowered by creative technologies, these are some of the artists in the Grand Valley tech community:

Vitality Films | Facing West Media | 14K Media | Hoptocopter Films

See how  Vitality Films captured Colorado’s unmatched outdoor playground.

THE JUMP-STARTERSThe Jump-Start tax credit program, which kicked off in Mesa County, Colorado, in 2016, has yielded some true innovators in the tech space:

ProStar Geocorp | TSW Analytical | GSI | Colorado Clean | KAART Group | Qmast LLC

Hear from one Jump-Start Mesa County participant: ProStar Geocorp.

THE SUPPORT NETWORK | From suppliers and help desks to advocates and educators, here are some of your friends in the Grand Valley tech community:

Colorado Technology Association | Launch West Co | Century Link | Maverick Innovation Center | Networks Unlimited, Inc. | Provelocity | The Business Incubator

Get a recap of the COTech Tour in Grand Junction with the  Colorado Technology Association.

Hear Launch West Co talk about GOCODE and how the competition spurred an entire tech community.

Download: GJEP ICT Industry Brochure
Download: GJEP Spec Sheet for Data Centers

Industry News and Events

GoCode Finalist Aims to Support Local Economic Development Efforts

April 11, 2017 - Congratulations to KodeMonkey and CoFax, the two finalists from the GoCode Grand Junction Challenge this weekend! Both teams will be headed to Boulder next to develop their ideas alongside other finalists from

Global Manufacturing Corporation Acquires Lewis Engineering

March 2, 2017 - We are pleased to announce that yesterday, Lewis Engineering entered into a partnership with Jabil, an international supply chain management and manufacturing provider with a global aerospace and defense contract manufacturing operation. The

ProStar Geocorp Named to 20 Most Promising by CIO Review

March 1, 2017 - Congratulations ProStar Geocorp! Earlier this week, the Grand Junction-based tech company - and participant in the Jump-Start Mesa County tax credit program  -  was named by CIOReview as one of the country's 20

Canadian Partnership Adds to Local Tech Hub

February 15, 2017 - Grand Junction-based tech startup SynaptixGames has partnered with DeepMarkit from Calgary in Alberta, Canada to develop a 3-D short-form, casual game for a new patent-pending gamification platform (scroll down for the press release).

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