Situated in the Piceance Basin, with direct access to both domestic and international trade routes, Colorado’s Grand Valley is a stalwart in the U.S. energy industry.

The area’s ample supply of natural resources has attracted major players like Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Halliburton, numerous related suppliers, as well as pioneers in renewables and cleantech. Thanks to the Jump-Start tax credit program that launched in Mesa County in 2016,  energy-focused startups like ProStar Geocorp, GSI Energy and Qmast LLC are able to accelerate their business growth by locating in the region.

With an industry cluster that encompasses oil and natural gas, solar and wind power, and a growing technology community, the Grand Valley truly offers 360 degrees of energy.


Six reasons to locate your energy business in Colorado’s Grand Valley


In June 2016, the USGS estimated 66 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in western Colorado’s Mancos Shale Formation within the Piceance Basin.


Several energy entrepreneurs are enjoying a tax holiday in the Grand Valley thanks to the Jump Start Mesa County tax exempt program. See if your company is eligible. 


The United States Department of Energy has an outpost in Grand Junction that can help your business ensure it is compliant with applicable federal, state, and local environmental protection laws and regulations, executive orders, and internal DOE policies.


The Grand Valley has a legacy of innovation in energy, starting the first ever coal/solar demonstration array at the local Cameo station, operated by Xcel Energy.


Source talent locally from Colorado Mesa University, which offers a wide array of programs in engineering, environmental science and technology,  geosciences and energy management, to name a few.


Speaking of CMU, energy innovation starts at underground-level at the university, which is heated by a novel geo-exchange system. Learn more. 

The Grand Valley Energy Cluster

EIS Solutions | TWI Oilfield Fabrication | Shear Inc. | ProStar Geocorp | Atlasta Solar Center | Certek Heat Machine | Halliburton | Grand Valley Power | Xcel Energy | Terra Energy Partners | Exxon Mobile | Chevron | GSI Energy | Qmast LLC

ProStar Geocorp provides software solutions for energy and utilities businessMeet ProStar Geocorp , a pioneer in the energy technology space.  


Download: GJEP Energy Industry Brochure
Download: Mesa County Workforce Center Industry Report on “Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction”
Download: GJEP White Paper on the Export Opportunities within the Piceance Basin

Industry News and Events

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