FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March 29, 2017 | Grand Junction) – The Business Incubator Center has been working with the Grand Valley Food Hub (GVFH) group for several months. The GVFH brings together local farmers, ranchers, food producers, and consumers with a strong belief that buying locally creates a community with enhanced economic, health, and social benefits. This forum will be a dynamic opportunity for the food and agriculture industries to collaborate together, and investigate options and opportunities for a food hub here in the Grand Valley. The Food Hub Forum will be held at the Western Colorado Community College on March, 30th 2017, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The event is free, but space is limited. The media is encouraged to attend.

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The Business Incubator Center, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and Western Colorado Community College are sponsoring the daylong event to educate attendees about how selling/buying locally creates a community with enhanced economic, health, and social benefits.

The GVFH’s goal is to obtain a study on the feasibility of creating a true Food Hub in the Grand Valley. This Food Hub would bring together farmers and ranchers, especially smaller and mid-sized operations, who often lack the capacity to access retail, institutional, and commercial foodservice markets on their own, and consequently miss out on the fastest growing segment of the local food market. The Food Hub would offer a combination of aggregation, distribution, and marketing services at an affordable price, making it possible for many producers to gain entry into new larger-volume markets that boost their income and provide them with opportunities for scaling up production.

To register for the FREE event RSVP to or or call 970-243-5242 and ask for Annalisa Pearson.


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GJEP is excited to share this opportunity on behalf of our economic development partner, The Business Incubator Center. Please direct all questions to BIC per above.