Support for Job Seekers Moving to Colorado’s Grand Valley

At GJEP, we want to ensure a smooth transition for companies and their teams into our community. And we know that a relocation often impacts many people beyond the direct employees – their partners, children and other family members are all part of this process. Through our Trailing Partner Program, GJEP hopes to ease the transition by helping partners and family members of employees relocating to Colorado’s Grand Valley find suitable employment.

Between our board, our investors and our community network, GJEP is connected to Mesa County’s leading employers and a vast array of local businesses that are on the lookout for talented professionals to join their team. GJEP will provide hands-on support to connect  talented job seekers with local career opportunities.

Contact Mara Hardy at today to learn more about GJEP’s Trailing Partner Program and other relocation resources.

Information about the Trailing Partner Program for GJEP Investors

When GJEP works with an organization that decides to relocate to our community, the skilled partners and families of its employees will need to find career opportunities. As a GJEP investor, your company may be eligible to first access talented job seekers moving into the area – expanding the pool of qualified workforce for your organization.

Contact Nichole Hall at to learn about this new, exclusive benefit for GJEP investors.