When you invest in GJEP, you invest in the economic prosperity of our community. In 2016 (year-to-date), GJEP…

  • launched Jump-Start Mesa County and ushered 7 local companies into the program, allowing them to operate tax free for the next 4-8 years.
  • hosted the first-ever Western Colorado Economic Summit, gathering over 400 people to discuss the economic future of Colorado’s Grand Valley.
  • attended over a dozen tradeshows and events, touching base with nearly 700 businesses about the benefits of expanding or relocating to the western slope.
  • signed an MOU with The Business Incubator Center and Grand Junction Chamber to provide 360 degrees of business development support –it was the cornerstone of an award-winning IEDC Economic Development Week campaign
  • debuted Grand Day CO, an ambitious one-day video project showcasing the area’s unmatched outdoor amenities with the help of 50-plus local businesses and residents
  • Worked with over 100 business prospects and local companies that together will bring over 1,200 net new jobs to the Grand Valley.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our investors. THANK YOU!

If you have questions about your investment, please contact Terri at (970) 245-4332 or terri@gjep.org.

[fusion_highlight color=”” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]TIP: Write off your investment! As an investor, you can take advantage of both Enterprise Zone tax credits and our nonprofit tax status when you make a donation. [/fusion_highlight]