Last week, tech startup Hayden Data became the 20th company approved for Colorado’s Rural Jump-Start Tax Program, an incentive program that provides companies with major tax breaks and cash grants for operating or expanding within a “Jump-Start Zone”. Mesa County piloted the program in 2015-16, which has become a major catalyst for startups, especially in tech and advanced manufacturing.

Hayden Data has created a patent-pending technology to monitor structural, environmental and operational conditions of infrastructure equipment including utility poles, oil and gas assets and telecommunication towers. The technology helps identify fires and other issues before they become catastrophic events.

“We are very pleased with the local support from GJEP and the approval of our Jump-Start application. This encouraging support will help Hayden Data to grow our presence in Grand Junction and to contribute our share to the economic development of the region,” said Hayden Data’s CEO, Steve Whitehurst.

Photo Credit: Hayden Data – depicting one of Hayden Data’s sensor boxes.