Imagine the Grand Valley tomorrow. 
a community that is post-recession, post-pandemic, post-distressed… What do you see? What would you like to see?

Let’s shape a Grand Vision for the future of our community.

What is the Grand Vision?

The Grand Vision is a strategic plan to meet long-term, visionary goals set for our community by our community. Its backbone is a community-wide survey that delves into quality of life metrics and priorities. The metrics will be defined by Grand Valley residents and refined through a series of workshops with the GJEP Board of Directors and community stakeholders.

Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.

Vision is a preferred future, a destination.

Andy Stanley, Visioneering


  • September 30 – ‘Grand Vision’ survey launched at WCES
  • November 1 – survey closed.
  • December 19 – the survey results are in! Scroll down for a summary.
  • January-March – GJEP will work with community stakeholders to identify projects and efforts already underway, and fill in the gaps with stakeholder workshops
  • March-April – draft strategic plan
  • April 26 – present draft plan at the 2022 WCES


491 residents responded to the Grand Vision survey between September 30-November 1, 2021. Respondents were asked to pick their top five responses to complete two statements: “I want the Grand Valley to be known for/as” and “I believe Grand Valley economic development efforts should focus on”. In addition, you were able to write in responses or expand in the comment section. 

The following 5 statements ranked highest for (in order of most votes):

“I want the Grand Valley to be known for/as”

  1. a safe community
  2. an outdoor recreation hub
  3. a forward-thinking community
  4. a top-tier K-12 education system
  5. our public lands, which are varied, beautiful and easily accessible

“I believe Grand Valley economic development efforts should focus on”

  1. Supporting efforts to improve the K-12 education system
  2. Grow our green spaces, trails and outdoor recreation opportunities
  3. Support efforts to improve transportation infrastructure across the Grand Valley (pedestrian, public, air, rail and road)
  4. Improve broadband connectivity in the Grand Valley
  5. Supporting climate policies to maintain or improve air and water quality

It is also important to note that although the survey did not include specific responses around arts and culture, supporting a cutting-edge and thriving arts and culture scene in the Grand Valley was identified as another key priority in the comment sections.

Additional themes that came from the comment sections were to address affordable housing, homelessness and livable wages.


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