October 18, 2016 – The Grand Junction Economic Partnership supports Amendment 71. The ballot initiative will deter out-of-state special interest groups from adding their plans on the ballot in Colorado. It will also make it harder to amend our state’s constitution, currently the easiest constitution to amend in the country. Learn more about Amendment 71 in this video:


Protect Colorado provides these three reasons to support Amendment 71 in this blog post:


  1. “It would require that initiatives be signed by at least 2% of registered voters in a state senate district in order to qualify for the ballot. This ensures that voters from all over the state – not just the Front Range – have a say in putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot.
  2. Once a measure is on the ballot, it must be approved by 55% of the votes cast in order to amend the constitution.
  3. If fractivists have to collect signatures from all over the state, they will have a more difficult time getting multiple anti-fracking measures on the ballot every two years. After all, the majority of Coloradans support oil and natural gas development.”

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Raise the bar, vote yes on Amendment 71!