May 3, 2017 – GJEP is pleased to welcome the latest company to join Colorado’s Rural Jump-Start Tax Credit program in Mesa County. Adaptive Towers, a manufacturer of self-standing, self-supporting, rapid-deployment communications towers, was approved last month by the Colorado Economic Development Council. The company, a new division of Adaptive Communications LLC, will immediately begin work on a new manufacturing facility in Grand Junction and expects to hire upward 13 new employees in Mesa County before year-end. Here’s more from The Daily Sentinel:

“Adaptive Towers, a new division of Adaptive Communications located in Delta, will use the manufacturing facility to build self-standing communications towers that can be erected in a matter of hours, no matter the terrain. The patent-pending design of the steel towers allows them to be assembled without a foundation, and they can be built on-site and be fully operational within four hours, said Ronn Gookin, a part-owner of the company and vice president of marketing and sales.

The idea for the towers came from the company’s experience providing broadband service in rural parts of Delta County.

Adaptive Communications President Tracy Harmer moved to a farm in rural Delta County in 2012 and found that none of the internet providers in the area could provide him with acceptable service for his work. Harmer, who is not only a software engineer but also an electrical and structural engineer, decided to remedy the problem and started his own company to provide broadband internet.

In 2014, the company hooked up its first service location and has since expanded across Delta County, and now has about 400 customers receiving service via the towers the company will be manufacturing in Grand Junction, said Gookin. It also plans on expanding service to Glade Park, Plateau Valley and as far west as Mack to offer internet.

The towers have wide-reaching possibilities, ranging from military use to emergency situations, as well as for communications in remote areas. Because there’s no need for foundations or excavating the surface the towers will sit on, they’re cheaper to build than other options and sometimes do not even require a permit, Gookin said.

Gookin said the company plans on presenting its towers to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for use in disaster areas which need communications on short notice.”

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