August 29, 2017 – The Grand Valley Creative Alliance (GVCA) Task Force was formed to unify and mobilize artists, creatives, and arts organizations of all disciplines in Colorado’s Grand Valley. Last month, the Alliance was chosen for a Creativity Lab Blueprint 2.0 grant by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade – congratulations!

Watch coverage via KKCO Newschannel 11 here.


About the Grand Valley Creative Alliance and its Task Force

The Grand Valley Creative Alliance (GVCA) was formed with a vision to unite all creative individuals and institutions in Colorado’s Grand Valley.  The Alliance aims to promote and collaborate in the development of the arts economy in the Grand Valley. Once it incorporates as a NPO, the first project of the GVCA will be to prepare and submit the application for Creative District status for Grand Junction, CO.  Further GVCA projects may include training in arts entrepreneurship and advocacy, creation of an arts incubator and facilitating creative projects for the community.

The task force is there to ensure that the Alliance is formed and to start the process of Creative District application while the GVCA is being established.




Photo by Steve Smith.