After several months of R&D, we are excited to reveal our new look. Not quite a rebrand – our core mission, value proposition and strategy remain the same – but a significant overhaul of our website and marketing materials that creates better unity across all of our efforts and, simply put, makes it easier to find what you are looking for. As always, these overhauls require tweaks and changes here and there as we dig in and start to really make use of the materials. With that in mind, feel free to shoot us an email if you catch an error or have a question about anything. We’ll add it to our list!

Also, if you are currently distributing any GJEP materials, using our logo or linking to our web pages, we ask that you please double-check everything is still working and updated to this new look. We’re happy to send new logo files and creative guidelines, or anything else you might need – just let us know.

A massive thank you is owed to the brilliant team at GROWL Agency who led us through this process and brought our vision to life – especially Libby, Renaya and Jake, who were harassed nearly by the minute toward the end… thank you!

We started this process by inviting local stakeholders from key community sectors to help us refine our target market and messaging. Thank you to everyone who participated in our focus group and survey:

  • Matthew Breman, City of Fruita Councilmember and GJEP Board Member
  • Elizabeth Fogarty, Visit Grand Junction
  • Joe Burtard, Grand Junction Regional Airport
  • Josh Niernberg, Bin707 foodbar
  • Aaron Young, Kaart
  • Candace Carnahan, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Jen Taylor, The Christi Reece Group
  • Andrew Weber, Palisade Chamber of Commerce
  • Bobby Noyes, RockyMounts
  • Joey Early, RockyMounts
  • David Ludlam, Colorado Mesa University
  • Jon Maraschin, Business Incubator Center

We also want to thank all of the businesses and organizations that have now and in the past allowed us to tap in to their existing resources and add some truly beautiful and vibrant imagery to our collateral:

Many of these contributors are local entrepreneurs and small businesses – we encourage you to explore their sites and services!

Finally, many of our new materials are being printed locally at CPC Neutek – thank you for making it real.

We hope you like it!

Many Thanks,