June 12, 2017 – The poll to determine the priorities for the Grand Valley 2030 Vision has now closed. Thank you to all those who voted!

Ultimately 397 people voted. K-12 Education received the most votes at 32%, followed by supporting the CMU 20,000 initiative at 26% and creating an outdoor recreation industry hub at 15%. See all final poll results above and read more about the 2030 Vision in this excerpt from The Daily Sentinel:

“More than half of the people who participated in a recent Grand Junction Economic Partnership poll said education is their top priority for economic growth in the Grand Valley.

The 2030 Vision is an effort to define and direct economic development in Grand Junction through community input.

The poll, which was created through a workshop at the 2017 Economic Summit, included options ranging from outdoor recreation to the technology industry…

Grand Junction Economic Partnership Executive Director Kristi Pollard said the group will use the results of the poll to home in on supporting and improving the Grand Valley’s economy.

‘The goals and strategies might differ greatly,’ she said. ‘It might be getting behind a ballot initiative or what are some industry-specific questions. There’s obviously an opportunity for us to program more dollars for recruitment, to work with (groups) to potentially do some incentives to encourage growth within industries.’

The 2030 Vision was born out of the Grand Valley 2020 Vision, which was commissioned in 2001 by community leaders and local business owners to help with community development.

Pollard said the fresh input from the community will help inform the economic partnership’s next steps.

‘We want to make sure we’re supporting efforts to ultimately progress those things to the front,’ she said.”

Read the full article here. Note, while poll results changed a few percentage points from the time this article went to print until midnight last night, the priorities remained consistent.

Learn more about the 2030 VISION at www.westcoeconomicsummit.com and follow #GV2030Vision on Facebook for updates.